Making CADWorx Piping Intelligence Display in Navisworks

When you upgrade your version of Navisworks, you want to be able to hover over a piping component from CADWorx and have certain CADWorx properties display near your cursor.

Today’s tip describes this.

From the Home Tab of the ribbon, click “Quick Properties” on the “Display” panel. (it is active if it is blue).

Click to turn on "Quick Properties"

Click to turn on “Quick Properties”

Now we need to tell the “Quick Properties” to display CADWorx information.

  • Click the “Application Menu” (Upper left – Big Green N)
  • Click “Options
  • The “Options Editor” will open. Expand “Quick Properties
  • Click “Definitions
  • Change the dropdown list “Category” from “Item” to “CADWorx
  • Then Change the dropdown list “Property” to whatever CADWorx property you would like to display while hovering.
  • If you would like to add more properties, click the Green plus sign. Or if you would like to remove one, use the Red “X”

NW CADWorx Properties 2

After making these changes and clicking “OK” you should be able to hover over the CADWorx components and have the properties that you defined display as shown below.

NW CADWorx Properties 3


If this isn’t working and you need to simply see the CADWorx properties, you can always Turn on the “Properties” palette  and make the “CADWorx tab” current so that when you select an object, its properties are displayed.

This isn’t the optimal solution since it takes up room from your drawing area and you have to select the CADWorx objects.

NW CADWorx Properties 4


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2 Responses to Making CADWorx Piping Intelligence Display in Navisworks

  1. Matthew Franke says:

    Can you tell how to create a cadworx tab and get it to display the information?



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