CADWorx Equipment Palette

Here is a quick tip for CADWorx Equipment users.

The user interface for CADWorx Equipment is simply a tool palette and maybe a toolbar…

The common problem is closing the Equipment palette and not knowing how to get it back open as you had it.

Here’s how:

    Note: Use the underscore before the command

If the Equipment palette seems to flash and then disappear, use the command SHOWPALETTES <enter> and the Equipment palette should stay open


CADWorx Equipment Palette


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6 Responses to CADWorx Equipment Palette

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  2. Matthew Schwartz says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Todd says:

    Matthew, can you tell me why the Thread Series drop down list in Cadworx 2013 Equipment is not showing up when I try to put bolts in a saddle? I’m guessing that the bolt holes will not appear unless this option is selected.

    Thanks, Todd

  4. Kelly Eugene Kitchens says:

    Mine wouldn’t even flash. Showpalettes had no effect, though it was definitely turning back on palettes hidden by Hidepalette. After hunting, it turned out the CADWorxEqiupment2012.xml (found in the C:\User\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD Mechanical 2013 – English\R19.0\enu directory) had several negative values in the “orientation”, “dockinfo” and “floatinfo” fields, where other guys in the department did not. I think I could’ve edited the file in an xml editor, but I simply overwrote it with one of their files, (after copying mine to my desktop as insurance,) and presto, my equipment palette was back.

    [I know, the .xml file is misspelled, but evidently it slid all the way thru Autodesk’s QC process, and that misspelling is what works.]

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