Free ways to convert PDFs to DWG

Here are two ways to convert PDF documents into .DWG (drawing) files.

These are in fact free and they do a great job for the price. They both work the same in that the free versions will not process layer information if it is included in the PDF.

These converters are great alternatives to buying a full product that is dedicated to doing this and if you rarely need to convert a PDF to CAD these are especially great.

Both of these converters use your email address to send the file to you when it is finished converting.

One thing to note: Cometdocs has a cool feature that lets you register with them (for free) and this will allow you to store your converted documents on their server and have access to them wherever you have internet access. Otherwise, the files get erased after 24 hours.

Plus Cometdocs doe s a great job of retaining Text


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14 Responses to Free ways to convert PDFs to DWG

  1. Paul Venour says:

    Hi, maybe you could try out VectPDF which is an autolisp front end to pstoedit & GPL Ghostscript for converting & inserting PDF inside AutoCad. Just select a PDF file & insertion point. It’s completely free.

  2. Doug says:

    Aide Converter ( converts 60 PDFs to DWG/DXF format for free.

  3. Tony says:

    AutoDWG free online conversion also can do that, you can visit

  4. Jean Haney says:

    The key to success with PDF files is to determine whether you have a vector (computer-generated) or raster (scanned) PDF file and then choosing the right tool.

    Spotting the Difference – Vector and Raster PDF

    There’s a new pdf2AutoCAD plug-in for Autodesk 2012 and newer ($59) that lets you open an editable PDF via command line or the menus . For older AutoCAD programs and other brands, there’s pdf2cad ($195 – download a free 30-day trial and get a coupon for $129). Both will open and edit a computer-generated (vector) PDF file in AutoCAD with layer support, rotation, object recognition, etc. It’s not designed for scanned drawings (raster PDF) and is limited to producing a PDF underlay for these raster PDF files. It’s not free but has a committed engineering team who’s been developing and refining it for almost 20 years. It pays for itself after the first conversion with the time savings.



  5. Stephan P says:

    If the PDF contains raster image, you are dealing with Raster to Vector, if the PDF contains vector, most programs will be able to recover the data. We use Any PDF to DWG Converter and you can download a free trail version from

  6. visal says:

    convert pdf from autocad?

  7. Is it possible to change the text PDF to Blocks DWG ?
    The lines and circles work great

  8. JTCAD says:

    Instead of using online converters we can also utilize the builtin PDFIMPORT option in AutoCAD. It is available in versions above 2017.

  9. karlnels0n says:

    If you have an older version of AutoCAD, there’s a plugin you can use There’s version for AutoCAD 2011 and earlier and another for 2012 and higher.

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