Autolisp: Polyline Outline of Objects

Here is another polyline routine that only works with closed objects (closed polylines, circles, ellipses…). This time however, you can select all of your objects at once and the combined outline of all of the shapes will be turned into a polyline.

Here’s how:

  • PLOUTLINE <enter> to start
  • Select all of the closed objects that overlap each other to make the outline <enter>


Link to original post at

;Shusei Hayashi
;OffshoreCad&Management Inc.
;10F Jaka Bldg., 6780 Ayala Ave.,
;Makati, Philippines
(defun c:PLOUTLINE (/ MadeObjL ObjNameL ObjSet LastOb)
(princ "\n **********************************")
(setq *error* *myerror*)
(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)
(setq ObjSet nil)
(while (= ObjSet nil)
(setq ObjSet (ssget '((-4 . "<OR")
(0 . "ELLIPSE")
(0 . "CIRCLE")
(0 . "POLYLINE")
(0 . "LINE")
(0 . "ARC")
(-4 . "OR>")
(setq i -1
ObjNameL nil
(repeat (setq m (sslength ObjSet))
(setq ObjNameL (cons (ssname ObjSet (setq i (1+ i))) ObjNameL))
(Procedure_1706) ;Region
(Procedure_1706_2) ;Union
(setq *error* nil)
(defun Procedure_1706 (/)
(setq LastOb (entlast))
(command ".region")
(mapcar 'command ObjNameL)
(command "")
(while (setq LastOb (entnext LastOb))
(setq MadeObjL (cons LastOb MadeObjL))
(defun Procedure_1706_2 (/)
(mapcar '(lambda (x) (print (SD3511 0 x))) MadeObjL)
(command ".union")
(mapcar 'command MadeObjL)
(command "")
(setq LastOb (entlast)
MadeObjL nil
(command ".EXPLODE" LastOb)
(while (setq LastOb (entnext LastOb))
(setq MadeObjL (cons LastOb MadeObjL))
(command ".PEDIT" "M")
(mapcar 'command MadeObjL)
(command "" "Y" "J" "0.000" "")
(defun SD1028 ()
(setq OldCmdEcho (getvar "CMDECHO"))
(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)
(command "undo" "be")
(setq OldOsmode (getvar "OSMODE"))
(setq OldLayer (getvar "CLAYER"))
(setq OldLType (getvar "CeLType"))
(setq OldCeLWeight (getvar "CeLWeight"))
(setq OldColor (getvar "CeColor"))
(setq OldOrtho (getvar "ORTHOMODE"))
(setq OldDStyle (getvar "DIMSTYLE"))
(setq OldExpert (getvar "Expert"))
(setvar "EXPERT" 0)
(defun SD2056 ()
(setvar "OSMODE" OldOsmode)
(command "undo" "end")
(setvar "CLAYER" OldLayer)
(setvar "CeLType" OldLType)
(setvar "CeLWeight" OldCeLWeight)
(setvar "CeColor" OldColor)
(setvar "ORTHOMODE" OldOrtho)
(setvar "Expert" OldExpert)
(if (and (/= (getvar "DIMSTYLE") OldDStyle)
(tblsearch "DIMSTYLE" OldDStyle)
(command "-dimstyle" "Restore" OldDStyle)
(princ "\n (C)OffshoreCad&Management")
(setvar "CMDECHO" OldCmdEcho)
(defun SD3511 (g e)
((= (type e) 'ename) (cdr (assoc g (entget e))))
((= (type e) 'list) (cdr (assoc g e)))
(defun *myerror* (msg)
(setq *error* nil)
(princ "\n Error Cancelled")
(princ "\n Command Name: PLOUTLINE \n")

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1 Response to Autolisp: Polyline Outline of Objects

  1. debalance says:

    For creating outlines of complex drawings the best way (in my opinion) is to use plugin TotalBoundary (

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