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Snap Overrides (Illustrated)

I recently was asked to better explain a tip that I posted a while ago. And since I love making those handy-dandy animated pictures – here ya go. If you have a lot of snaps turned on or if you … Continue reading

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Delete objects with the Delete Button. Big Woop…

Big surprise!!!! Huh? I know that you all know that if you select objects and hit the DELETE button the selected objects are erased. But did you know that if you hold the DELETE button and then pick individual objects, … Continue reading

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Hatch Gap Tolerance

If you need to insert a hatch in an area that isn’t completely “closed” this may be your new favorite friend. Instead of temporarily making a line to close off the area and then inserting the hatch and then going … Continue reading

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Add A Block Definition to A Drawing

This tip is one that I wish I new a while back. You can add just the block definition to a drawing without placing the block in the drawing. This may not seem all that useful but if you have … Continue reading

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Fillet Radius Override

As seen in the previous post, setting your fillet radius to zero is very helpful. But there may be times when you have the fillet radius set to a value that you may forget if you set it to zero. … Continue reading

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Fillet Radius Set To Zero

If you have ever¬†received¬†drawings that had disconnected intersections, this tip will help you with your sanity. I have received drawings where the corner of a wall looked correct when I was zoomed out, but when I was zoomed in while … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Text Box Width

Sorry for not posting in a while. I now have a full time job. I get work with AutoCAD and help people with their AutoCAD problems – Which is something that I love. Anyways – This routine is a great … Continue reading

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