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Add A Block Definition to A Drawing

This tip is one that I wish I new a while back. You can add just the block definition to a drawing without placing the block in the drawing. This may not seem all that useful but if you have … Continue reading

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Fillet Radius Override

As seen in the previous post, setting your fillet radius to zero is very helpful. But there may be times when you have the fillet radius set to a value that you may forget if you set it to zero. … Continue reading

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Fillet Radius Set To Zero

If you have ever¬†received¬†drawings that had disconnected intersections, this tip will help you with your sanity. I have received drawings where the corner of a wall looked correct when I was zoomed out, but when I was zoomed in while … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Text Box Width

Sorry for not posting in a while. I now have a full time job. I get work with AutoCAD and help people with their AutoCAD problems – Which is something that I love. Anyways – This routine is a great … Continue reading

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Spline to Polyline Without LISP

So, after all those posts about LISP routines that change Polylines into Splines and Splines into Polylines, I saw a video on Cadalyst’s Website that shows how this is available in AtuoCAD since 2010. This is very handy because you … Continue reading

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How to Fix Blocky Circles & Arcs

If you have worked on large drawings or have had to zoom in and out a lot you may have noticed that curved objects like circles and arcs appear blocky or look more like polygons rather than circles. Don’t worry, … Continue reading

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Circles: 3Point and Tan, Tan, Tan

If you have made the switch to the Ribbon from the beloved toolbars, there is a new tool that is only available via the ribbon. That’s right, even if you switch back over to “AutoCAD Classic” (toolbars) this circle tool … Continue reading

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Deselect Objects from Selection Set

If you selects objects and then realize that you selected an object or two on accident, removing those objects is really simple. Also, it may be quicker to make a selection set and remove objects from the selection set than … Continue reading

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