Block Count

Here’s a way to count the blocks in your drawing.
Use the command BCOUNT and you can individually select blocks, use a window selection or type ALL at the command line and every block in your drawing will be selected. After you make your selection set, hit <enter> and in the command line, a list will show the name of the block and the number of occurrences the block either appears in your selection set or if you entered “ALL,” it will show how many times every block appears in your drawing.

To see a more full list, hit F2 and a window will pop up. This window is your command line in a bigger format and it allows you to see your command history more easily. And in this case, allows you to see your list of blocks better.

From this list you can select the list and copy and paste it into a text editor if you needed a text file of your blocks (just an idea…)

(I promise, that when I figure out how to post code using the blog editor, I will post some AutoLISP/VisualLISP codes that do a better job at counting blocks)


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18 Responses to Block Count

  1. Jose says:


    Just stumbled upon your site and found really useful info. Thanks for posting!
    Regarding this post, is BCOUNT supposed to come with the software? I used it a lot at a previous workplace but now that I am with my own copy of Auto CAD arch 2011 it won’t work. It is basically not found, any idea why?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. mitra says:

    Hi,I need to count blocks in a drawing.the way that you mention was so usefull
    im so proud of you :)

  3. Ankit says:

    Thanks friend. It help alot.

  4. Jon says:

    I just started with a new design/build firm and they have AutoCAD LT, which is obviously missing Express tools. In this case, what’s the best way to block count…?

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      There isn’t a programmatic way of doing a block count like shown in the post.
      If there LT has Quick Select (QSELECT) you can use it to select all instance of a block by the block name and then use the LIST command to see how many are selected.
      The FILTER command is similar and will show you automatically how many objects (block in your case) have been selected

      [edit] I just though of an easier way depending on whter or not AutoCAD LT has this functionality – Select the block you want to count. Right-click then click “Select Similar” from there you can either look at the command line history or use the LIST command to see the results.

  5. AAA says:

    thank u man It really works !!!!

  6. Andre says:

    Tank you soo much!!! The BCOUNT command saves my life!!!

  7. moses says:

    thanks man you have saved me with the task of counting one block by one

  8. Erika says:

    I am using AutoCAD 2014… When I type BCOUNT and hit enter, my CAD window greys out saying (Not Responding), and the command line keeps saying Initializing. . .
    I have used this command in earlier versions of AutoCAD, and I have Express Tools installed.

  9. Sebastiaan says:


    Using BCOUNT, is there a way to specify which blocks to count? If so, then by using the command line I can copy the text indicated there and copy it into the drawing.

    Because I’m using EATTEXT and I have to select which blocks they have to count. This makes it sometimes a lengthy procedure to produce a correct list.

    Or is there a better / quicker way to produce a list of pre-specified blocks used in a drawing?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Erika says:

    I have used this express tool in previous releases of AutoCAD and have found it so helpful! I am now using AutoCAD 2017, and am unable to get the count to show in chart like before. Is that no longer an option, or did I miss a step during the configuration of something?
    Thanks, Erika

  11. Shery says:

    I am new to AutoCAD. And as per the above blog, I tried getting the BCOUNT in my project. but in my case, I’m not able to type Bcount in the command line. I also tried taking LIST command, where i’m able to select ALL, but when I type Bcount, that gives a response saying “Expects a point or window/Last/Box/All…./undo/Auto/Single

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      Are you perhaps using AutoCAD LT?
      If you are using full AutoCAD and not LT, you should be able to use BCOUNT. Also try typing in EXPRESSTOOLS in the command line.
      What does it say in the command line after that?

  12. Yuvraj says:

    Yes, the BCOUNT command of AutoCAD is very useful. Bu recently I came across this ARES Commander software in which we can count block and also add a table in the drawing with the list of the blocks. Please find this video of the same

  13. elewa says:

    thanks, very useful tip
    but when i use the bcount command a specific type of block is double counted
    like i have 2 on the drawing and the output is 4
    any comment on that?
    thanks in advance

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