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Augi Forums OOPS!!!

If you have ever used google or yahoo to look for solutions for your AutoCAD needs, you have most likely been referred to the forums. When you do a search and see an augi forum link, don’t bother with … Continue reading

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Add Selected

If you have used Revit or AutoCAD Architecture, you may know of the “Add Selected” command. Well, in AutoCAD 2011 we get this awesome command. What’s so special about it? Especially for the lazy drafter or if you’ve ever received … Continue reading

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Copy with Base-Point

have you ever needed to copy an object from drawing to drawing but were annoyed with not being able to specify a basepoint? Well you probably used CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste, right? Try using CTRL+SHIFT+C to copy. … Continue reading

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I know… I know… This aint AutoCAD, but it is something that people at school ask about a lot and it is a really needed task that is missing from REVIT. So bare with me as I show you this … Continue reading

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I think that the tool MATCHPROP is one that is easily forgotten or goes unnoticed. Yet is will save you a ton time. It works like the “format painter” that is found in Microsoft Office products for those who know … Continue reading

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More SNAP over-rides

Ever want to snap to just an endpoint but you have too many osnap settings on? You could just turn some of them off, then snap to what you want, but then you would have to turn back on the … Continue reading

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This is a cool tip to find and select any text in your drawing that has an object that is overlapping or “invading” it. This command will create a selection set of the text objects that have geometry and even … Continue reading

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