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Command Alias & Select Similar

There are commands in AutoCAD that do not have a shortened alias for easy use. An Alias is a one-to-three letter shortened version of a command that saves time typing in the command. For example, the alias L is the … Continue reading

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If you have ever changeda System Variable in AutoCAD, I bet that you have wanted to know what options were available. Well, There is tool found at: Express Tools Tab > Tools panel > System Variables Or the command = … Continue reading

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After you have erased/deleted an object and have kept on working, but then realized that you need that deleted object back, you don’t need to undo or CTRL-Z repeatedly to get back that long-lost object. Simply type in OOPS at … Continue reading

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SNAP OVERRIDES (temporary osnaps)

While in the middle of a command, you can temporarily¬†turn on a needed OSNAP¬† a number of ways. The most obvious way is to right-click the OSNAP button and then choose the wanted OSNAP. The problem that is most common … Continue reading

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If you have made the switch to the ribbon (highly recommended) or you don’t know where to find a command or function in the ribbon, open the Application Menu (the big red A in the upper left). By default, there … Continue reading

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Some people may miss the MENUBAR from the “classic” setup. In the MENUBAR, there are many goodies that will save you time from searching all over the ribbon. To turn on the menubar: In the command line; MENUBAR <enter> 1 … Continue reading

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Drafting Settings Buttons in the Status Bar

Sick of guessing what these mean???? AutoCAD decided to turn the “Drafting Settings buttons” at the bottom of the screen from words into “icons.” I’m sure they did this to free up some space in the Status Bar. They problem … Continue reading

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