CADWorx Piping Displays As Single Line

Have you ever opened a CADWorx piping drawing only to find a bunch of center lines where your 3D piping should be? (shown below)

1 CADWorx Pipe displays one line

  • Use the CADWorx command CONVERTSOLID to make these single lines display correctly. This tool can also be found on the ribbon at: CADWorx Plant I tab > Setup Size/Spec panel > “3D Solids” tool” (Shown below).
  • Select the objects that you want to display correctly. I used ALL <enter>

2 CADWorx Pipe displays one line


After the tool does its magic, you should see the piping components displayed correctly.

One issue that I have noticed on a few drawings is that the next time I open the drawing, I have to run the command again…

3 CADWorx Pipe displays one line

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Add Objects to Block Using Edit Block In Place

If you were wondering, Yes there is a LISP routine to accomplish the same thing found [here] by Lee-Mac. But here is how you can do the same thing using the “Edit Block In-Place” option of editing blocks.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to draw objects  that will eventually be added to a block without having to draw them in the block editor. Shown below, there is a circle and line (green) that needs to be added to the block (cyan).

1 Block & Objects to be added


Here’s how:

Edit Block In Place

Here are the steps to add these objects to the block.

  • Select the Block
  • Right Click
  • Choose “Edit Block In-Place”

Note – if this option is greyed out then set the variable BLOCKEDITLOCK to <0> zero

2 Select Edit Block In Place


Verify the Block from the list and click OK.

Notice that editing a block in-place is using the REFEDIT command…

3 Select Block from List


Shown below is what the Block and its surrounding objects look like. The Block’s objects are shown normal while the surrounding objects are dimmed.

Once in the REFEDIT command, you can use the command REFSET which has an “Add” & “Remove” option. These options are easily accessible from the ribbon, Simply select the corresponding button to add or remove objects.



Once objects are added to he block, they are no longer faded.

5 Added objects appear brightOnce you are done adding or removing objects you can save these changes or discard them by using the buttons in the ribbon shown below.

6 Save or Discard Changes

You will be asked to verify the changes – Click OK

7 Verify changes


Now your edits have been saved you can see them in your block.


8 Objects have been added to block


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Outbreak of Riots – Bring Back our Status Bar Text!!!

My first blog post on this blog [found here in Nov 03 2010] was about making your status bar icons display as text. When you have the icons displayed, you end up wasting time hovering over an icon and waiting for text to display to make sure that you are about to toggle the correct button like POLAR or OTRACK. And we even pointed out that the Ribbon makes use of text so that we can easily see what tools are displayed and how this fits in with that thinking, it fell on deaf ears… And sadly,  with the release of AutoCAD 2015 they took this ability away.

We warned Autodesk about this and told them about the seriousness of taking these seemingly simple letters away. I even showed the size comparison from 2014 and 2016 to show that there wasn’t much size difference.

Text Option Comparison

But they “done-did-it” for the second year in a row!! and they tried to show use that they have “improved” the status bar by having it “self wrap” which had the opposite effect and made us even more mad.

Status Bar Wraps


3-13-2015 12-58-56 AM


And today on April 1st, there are reports of massive riots and looting around the world because people want Autodesk to give back the text option.

It seems from the live reports seen online and on TV, people are breaking down store fronts and taking cookies for some reason. Some rioters have even come back to the scenes from which they just stole the cookies, and then stole milk…

Police believe that the mastermind of these riots is shown below. If you happen to see this individual, proceed with caution and do not approach him if you happen to have any cookies in your possession. He tend to go into fits of rage around them for some reason

And to think – all of this could have been avoided if Autodesk simply provided Status Bar text as an option. Be careful out there…




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Happy Monday

Here is a happy song to help your Monday. It has helped me

Sorry it is not AutoCAD related…


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AutoCAD Grips

AutoCAD grips have come a long way over the years. With the addition of the polyline mid-point grip, I can’t live without them.

If for some reason, your grips are not behaving correctly, here’s how to get them back to “normal”

  • GRIPS <enter>

PS – “Normal” for me is <2>

AutoCAD Grip Settings

Here is the description provided by the System Variable editor:

Controls the display of grips on selected objects.

Value Description
<0> Hides grips
<1> Displays grips
<2> Displays additional midpoint grips on polyline segments

To adjust the size of the grips and the effective selection area used by the cursor when you snap to a grip, use GRIPSIZE.

Note: This setting is saved in the registry and not in the drawing. There have been times when I have opened a drawing and I thought that the grip settings changed on me. It was more likely changed because of a LISP routine or something that I used.


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Split Dimensions in AutoCAD 2016

No Lisp routine needed for this functionality – If you have an existing dimension, you can pull a dimension that meets at the original dimension line and be prompted on how to handle the result. And one of the options is to split the dimension.


2016 Split Dims

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Hire me – I’m Looking


I live in the Denver area and am willing to work using AutoCAD and willing to reloctae. Please take a resume from this link: Greg_Battin_Resume

I also have an online portfolio located at:



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