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Selection Cycle

Another great addition to 2011 is the Selection Cycling (SC) toggle found on the Status Bar (drafting setting buttons). If you have objects that are overlapping and you want to select one of them, your only option was to hold … Continue reading

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Infer Constraints

    It used to be (and still can be) that you could only apply constraints to objects after they were created. One problem that we frequently ran into especially using the “auto constrain” tool was “Over-Constraining” these objects. New … Continue reading

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Hatch Boundary in 2011

If you have ever erased a hatch boundary before you’ll appreciate this tip. Simply select the hatch whose boundary has been erased Right-click and select “Generate Boundary” as seen below. This will recreate the boundary as it was originally created.

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Easy Text Masks for 2011

Here’s a quickie If you have text that is overlapping objects and you don’t want these objects intruding your text space…. <TEXTMASK> will start the command. Simply select the text objects that you want to have a mask. And when … Continue reading

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Express Tools for ACAD Architecture 2011

Yet, another program that’s not vanilla AutoCAD but still relavent. In AutoCAD Architecture 2011, you may have noticed that after installation, there are no Express Tools. I realized that after I installed the program that I forgot to install the … Continue reading

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Add Selected

If you have used Revit or AutoCAD Architecture, you may know of the “Add Selected” command. Well, in AutoCAD 2011 we get this awesome command. What’s so special about it? Especially for the lazy drafter or if you’ve ever received … Continue reading

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Command Alias & Select Similar

There are commands in AutoCAD that do not have a shortened alias for easy use. An Alias is a one-to-three letter shortened version of a command that saves time typing in the command. For example, the alias L is the … Continue reading

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