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Plot Color Regardless of .ctb file Correction. This tip does not override .stb files – sorry for any confusion. This tip can either be the answer to a problem or a helpful tip that can be applied to a drawing. I stumbled upon this while creating … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Make More (like ADDSELECTED)

Well. Kent Cooper has done it again… He made this great LISP routine that I like better than the one that is in AutoCAD. The ADDSELECTED command in AutoCAD is pretty cool. You select an object and whatever properties the … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Continue Line on Layer…

Similar to the previous post [found here] that continues a polyline one whatever layer it is on, the featured routine for today lets you snap to entity and sets that layer current and then starts the line command. Pretty simple, … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Edit Block with .dcl (dialog box)

The very first thing that I must say is that there are 2 files for this tool to work 1) .lsp file 2) .dcl file. YOU MUST SAVE THE .dcl FILE IN THE SAME MANNER AS YOU WOULD A .lsp … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Remove Binding Prefixes from XREFs

After you have bound an XREF to a drawing you know the nastiness that comes into your drawing – Layers, Blocks and styles now a have a prefix added to the front of their names. This routine (I wish I … Continue reading

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Layer Naming Restrictions

Here are some layer naming restrictions when creating or editing layers while in the Layer Properties Manager… 1) The most obvious restriction is that you cannot have 2 layers named that have the same name. 2) Certain characters are restricted; … Continue reading

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Disable Viewport Activation

While working in paper-space, you may be wanting to simply move things around. The trouble sometimes is  accidentally activating an unlocked viewport and messing up the correct position or scale of the that viewport. In a perfect world, the viewport should be locked … Continue reading

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