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It’s About Time… Text Frame and Background mask for Text

This new feature only works on MTEXT but that should be fine for most people. With AutoCAD 2016 Mtext can now have a text frame that dynamically sizes itself as you edit the text. Simply select the MTEXT In the … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2016 New Dimension Tool

Disclaimer: The dimension tool has been overhauled and is kind of “new” The DIM tool (as shown below) is a one-stop-shop for most of your dimensions. You simply launch the tool and start selecting objects or if your OSNAPS are … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2015 Function Keys and Status Bar

Here is a quick snap shot of the AutoCAD 2015 Status Bar and the corresponding “Function Keys”

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AutoCAD 2015 Controlling the Status Bar Icons

With AutoCAD 2015 came the annoyance of being able to display the status bar icons as text. And even more frustrating is that not all of the normal Status Bar icons that we are used are even displayed. See this … Continue reading

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Number of Lines of Command History on the Command Line

Prior to the new “floating” command line, if you wanted to see more or fewer lines on the command line, you could simple drag the edge of the command line up or down (as shown below – and if your … Continue reading

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AutoCAD for MAC Hot Keys & Command Aliases

A while back I did a post on regular “Vanilla” AutoCAD “Hot Keys” and Aliases that was produced by Autodesk [found here]. But what about all you AutoCAD Mac users? Here is a link to the same type of list … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2015 Tray Settings for Print Pop-Up

After you print in AutoCAD, there is a little annoying notification that stays open in the bottom right of the screen until you click to close it. This is the default setting. This setting can be changed so that it stays … Continue reading

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