AutoCAD 2015 Controlling the Status Bar Icons

With AutoCAD 2015 came the annoyance of being able to display the status bar icons as text. And even more frustrating is that not all of the normal Status Bar icons that we are used are even displayed.
See this previous post on displaying these icons as text (note: works on previous AutoCAD versions including 2014)

To toggle a certain status bar icon, use the bottom left corner button with 3 stacked lines called “Customization” It looks just like the “Customize” button in Google Chrome…

Customization Button

When you click on this button, you will  see a menu pop up along the right side of the screen. It is from this menu that you check or uncheck the various buttons to be displayed in the Status Bar.

2015 Status Bar Icon visibility

Some of the status bar icons that are not visible are the very ones that I usually toggle off until I need them – Like Dynamic Input, Transparency, Dynamic UCS… So be patient and let’s hops that Autodesk and the AutoCAD bring back the Text option, but meanwhile, I thought that this might be handy…



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6 Responses to AutoCAD 2015 Controlling the Status Bar Icons

  1. duke says:

    i have autocad 2015,i am trying to unchech “icon view” on status bar.I right click on icon on right side of status bar but it doesnt show me the option to uncheck icon to text ,What is problem?

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      This is one of the new things I hate about 2015 & 2016. They removed that option.

      I even made a satirical April’s Fools day post about riots in the streets after people found out that Autodesk removed the text option.
      Here’s the link.

      It got a lot of attention at the time and people loved it. I just wish Autodesk and the AutoCAD team will change it back


  2. shei says:

    how do i restore the customization button? it got lost below.

  3. Bossman says:

    I am moving from autocad 2014 to 2015 and all of a sudden the status bar is on the right instead of the left side after its been there for years. How do i move it back to the left side? thanks.

  4. atiq says:

    i am using autocad 2015
    customization button(three lines button) will not show on my status bar
    tell me what i do

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