AutoCAD 2013: Viewport Configuration Preview

This is a great improvement in AutoCAD 2013. Located in the new panel called “Model Viewports” on the View tab of the ribbon is the normal dropdown list but the improvement is that now you have a preview of how the viewports will be arranged.

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The New panel called : “Model Viewports” is great because it makes it clear that the viewport tools located in this panel apply to model space.


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6 Responses to AutoCAD 2013: Viewport Configuration Preview

  1. javier says:

    i think is a good feature, but what happen to the button to actually create a new viewport on a layout? the only way that I am able to do it now as use the VIEWPORTS command or enable the menu bar and then go to view -> viewports -> new viewports…
    both of these ways prompt me to popup, where i have options. I just dont know what happened to the simpler way to create a normal, viewport of the model space w/o asking me anything.

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  3. welc0me! says:

    Hi i have found the solution.
    They have moved the viewport tool to the new layout Tab.
    Hendrik de Villiers
    Modena Design Centre Durban ZA

  4. Mondayogos says:

    I have autocad 2013 pls help me my layout is having a problem with grid inside the layout

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