AutoLISP: Delete Attributes

If you need to delete attributes from a block, you can always use the command BATTMAN or you can use this LISP routine. Either way, you cannot delete all attributes from the block but at least you can remove what you don’t need.

With this lisp routine, you need to know the name of the block and the name of the tag. It will remove the attributes from all of the instances of that block in the drawing.

As seen below:

  • ATTDEL <enter> to start
  • BLOCK 1 <enter> to enter the block’s name
  • TAG1 <enter> to enter the attribute’s tag to be erased.
; found @

; posted by inerb


; Modified by Greg B. to allow spaces for block name and attribute tag


;;; Command to delete an attribute from a block



(defun c:ATTDEL (/ blkname attname bn bd en ed attlst)

;; Ask user for block name

(setq blkname (getstring T "\nEnter the block's name: "))

;; Check if block exists

(if (setq bn (tblobjname "BLOCK" blkname))


;; Get list of attributes

(setq bd     (entget bn) ;Block def's data

en     (cdr (assoc -2 bd)) ;1st entity insie block

attlst nil ;Initialize list to empty

) ;_ end of setq

(while en ;Step through all entities in block

(setq ed (entget en)) ;Get entity's data

;; Check if entity is an attribute definition

(if (= "ATTDEF" (cdr (assoc 0 ed)))

;; Add to list of attributes

(setq attlst (cons (cons (strcase (cdr (assoc 2 ed))) (vlax-ename->vla-object en)) attlst))

) ;_ end of if

(setq en (entnext en)) ;Get next entity

) ;_ end of while


;; Ask user for attribute tag name

(setq attname (getstring T "\nEnter the attribute Tag Name: "))

;; Check if attribute exists

(if (setq en (assoc (strcase attname) attlst))


(setq ed (cdr en)) ;Get the VLA object of the attribute

(vla-Delete ed)


"\nAttribute successfully deleted from block definition.\nSynchronizing block references ..."

) ;_ end of princ

(command "_.ATTSYNC" "_Name" blkname)

) ;_ end of progn

(princ "\nThat Attribute doesn't exist in this drawing. Exiting ...")

) ;_ end of if

) ;_ end of progn

(princ "\nThat Block doesn't exist in this drawing. Exiting ...")

) ;_ end of if


) ;_ end of defun




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  1. Juan Pablo says:

    Very usefull, it worked perfectly, thanks!

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