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Adding Transparency Per Viewport

I started working part-time recently and I actually got to use this new transparency feature that is new to AutoCAD 2011. And now I love it. It is as easy as freezing layers in viewports – REALY! (the picture below … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Block Name

When it comes time to annotate your drawings, wouldn’t it be nice for you to be able to select a block and then have its name appear as a text object and then place that text object? Here ya go: … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Distance Along a Path

As you can see, these LISP routines are very helpful. With this one you can pick an object (except LWPOLYLINES) and specify a starting point and then tell it how far along that object you would like to place a … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Blocks to BYLAYER

Here is another LISP gem… I know that the same can be accomplished with the command SETBYLAYER, but it is still fun nonetheless. And it allows you to change the color to other colors – not just to bylayer. If … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Saving Your New LineType

So, after you have used the previous LISP routine to create your new linetype, you need to save it if you plan on using it in other drawings. Sure, you could just re-use the previous routine in the drawing, but … Continue reading

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AutoLISP: Make a New Linetype with Text

It seems that this blog has gotten a lot of interest since I started posting AutoLISP code. Here is great routine that creates a new LineType with text. If you have ever tried creating a linetype with text on your … Continue reading

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How to Select & Delete Wipeouts

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to erase or even select a wipeout? Here’s how to select them: WIPEOUT <enter> F <enter> (for frames) ON <enter> Now, all of your wipeouts have a frame around them that you can … Continue reading

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