Line-Type Scale

When you are in Model-Space, and place a dashed line, you may not see the dashed line. In order to see the dashed line, you need to adjust the LTSCALE (Line Type Scale). The scale factor that you set when you did MVSETUP established the drawing scale factor and knowing the scale factor will help your linetype to appear correctly.

As a general rule: the LTSCALE should be set to half of your drawing “scale factor” in order to see your dashed lines to appear correctly. In the animated picture, my drawing “scale factor” is set to 48 so I set my LTSCALE to 24 and then I was able to see my dashed lines in model space.

Drawing Scale Factors available in MVSETUP:

  • (480) 1/40″=1′
  • (240) 1/20″=1′
  • (192) 1/16″=1′
  • (96)  1/8″=1′
  • (48)  1/4″=1′
  • (24)  1/2″=1′
  • (16)  3/4″=1′
  • (12)  1″=1′
  • (4)   3″=1′
  • (2)   6″=1′
  • (1)   FULL

I then went to a layout tab and noticed that my dashed line did not appear correctly in the viewport. So I hover the cursor over the viewport and then entered MS <enter> to activate that viewport and am now in Model Space. While in the viewport, I set try setting 2 variables “MSLTSCALE” & “PSLTSCALE.” After setting the variable, I entered RE <enter> to regenerate the drawing so that I can see the changes. To be honest, I try these two variables until one of them works and usually the PSLTSCALE variable works. And I change the variable to the opposite of what it was et to. So either <0> or <1>.

  • These variables are either On or Off – <0> (zero) = off, <1> = on









Here is a description for the variables:


  • Scales linetypes displayed on the model tab by the annotation scale.
  • <0> Linetypes displayed on the Model tab are not scaled by the annotation scale
  • <1> Linetypes displayed on the Model tab are scaled by the annotation scale
  • Note: MSLTSCALE is set to 0 when you open drawings created in AutoCAD 2007 and earlier.


  • Controls the linetype scaling of objects displayed in paper space viewports.
  • 0 No special linetype scaling. Linetype dash lengths are based on the drawing units of the space (model or paper) in which the objects were created. Scaled by the global LTSCALE factor.1\Viewport scaling governs linetype scaling. If TILEMODE is set to 0, dash lengths are based on paper space drawing units, even for objects in model space. In this mode, viewports can have varying magnifications, yet display linetypes identically. For a specific linetype, the dash lengths of a line in a viewport are the same as the dash lengths of a line in paper space. You can still control the dash lengths with LTSCALE.
  • When you change PSLTSCALE or use a command such as ZOOM with PSLTSCALE set to 1, objects in viewports are not automatically regenerated with the new linetype scale. Use the REGEN or REGENALL command to update the linetype scales in each viewport.

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14 Responses to Line-Type Scale

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  2. electrical design says:

    Can I just say what a relief to uncover a person that really
    understands what they’re talking about on the internet. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular because
    you most certainly possess the gift.

  3. Another Electrical Designer says:

    I concur with Mr. Electrical Design above!

  4. Yet another Electrical Designer says:

    The command “MSLTSCALE” does not work in autoCAD 2007.
    How can I get round this?

  5. franklim says:

    into my cad drawing I view varios lines some of them has a diferent length, I try redraw the 6000 line but always the propieties tab display a scale length 12000

  6. AutoCAD_Noob says:

    Thank you for the helpful tip! I don’t know how many hours I wasted looking for an answer to this problem. I did find other sites that briefly listed what you posted, but none had instructions that were as easy to follow as yours. Great job! I’m glad you enjoy teaching/tutoring, because as electrical design commented above, you certainly have a gift for it!

  7. Frustrated ACAD user says:

    Hello, I have not yet tried the above solution, however I had the same problem and found a totally different solution that may interest you. I too am an electrical engineer, and I use ACAD LT 2011 to prepare wiring diagrams, so there are lots of lines. I strictly enforce the rule that each object has its properties defined by its layer. I have three different layers defined for dashed lines, each with different dash lengths. The problem: in model space, the line which is on a layer that is dashed, does NOT appear dashed; the problem is the same in paper space. This occurred after closing then re-opening the CAD file. REGEN had no effect.

    The solution I found just by chance: select the offending line, use the properties dialog box to change the layer (does not matter to what), then change it back to the original layer. Works each time. No changes to any of the parameters you mentioned.

    Must be a bug. Any comments?

  8. Hi, even though this post really helped me understand how the line-type scale works, I am still having trouble. I think it derives mainly from my MVSETUP stablished in millimeters, not in inches. So I wonder if that might vary the LTSCALE general rule of setting the scale as half of the drawing scale factor. If you can help me with this I would really appreciate it, thank you very much.

    • AutoCAD Tips says:

      If the LTSCALE and MSLTSCALE is set to one, The linetype should look correct in paper space since that is where you are (hopefully) print from. You mau need to adjust the PSLTSCALE to make it look correctly in paper space. The annoying thins that people get annoyed with is that when they jump back into Model Space, the linetype look tiny. If this is the case, simple use the REGEN (or RE ) command while in Models Space to make the linetype look correct in Model Space. Doing this will not affect how the paper space linetype appears.

      Let me know if that helps or if that isn’t even you issue.


  9. Peter says:

    Hi, I need to use broken lines in my autoCAD design. Do I have to load the linetype into AutoCAD to have the dashlines as list of options?

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