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AutoLISP: Apply Current Page Setup To All Layout Tabs

The title of today’s routine pretty much explains what this LISP routine does. You must have the layout tab active with the correct page setup current on that tab as well. Here’s how: CPS <enter> To start and run ~enjoy … Continue reading

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Control PDF Layers

The ability to have control over layers while in a PDF is a cool/useful feature but there are times when you might not want to include them.┬áHere’s how to turn OFF (or on) layers when creating PDFs. (Below is an … Continue reading

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Plot Color Regardless of .ctb file Correction. This tip does not override .stb files – sorry for any┬áconfusion. This tip can either be the answer to a problem or a helpful tip that can be applied to a drawing. I stumbled upon this while creating … Continue reading

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