AutoLISP: Print All Layout Tabs

Here is a simple routine that should help plot all of the layout tabs in a drawing.

Note: This routine will print all of the layouts with the same setups -so this is a limitation and shouldn’t be applied to drawings that have layout tabs with various sizes and or orientation (Landscape and Portrait).

Last tested and used with AutoCAD 2011.


;; Prints All Layout Tabs and names the new PDFs with the name of the
;; drawing followed by the layout tab name.
;; Adjust the paper size and .ctb file as needed.
;; The PDFs will be placed in the folder where the drawing resides
(defun c:PA ()
(foreach lay (layoutlist)
  (setvar 'CTab lay)
		"DWG To PDF.pc3"
		"ANSI full bleed A (8.50 x 11.00 Inches)"
		""; Name of file
		"y"      )
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One Response to AutoLISP: Print All Layout Tabs

  1. lalit Bisht says:

    Its Very Nice Script its Helps me in my Autocad Training
    Thanks for Sharing it

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